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Run away quickly from misdeed/minor felony.
Shit, it's the filth, lets scarper
by Carcer January 29, 2004
to run away from an authority figure or to completely pussy out and run.
1. There's the teacher lads, scarper!

2. I caught him out so he scarpered.
by ClaraFloraKavy March 20, 2011
scarper is cockney for "go". it's real spelling is scarpa, and the ryhme is.. 'scarpa flow = go'

scarpa flow is also a natural harbour in the orkneys, which was heavily used by the navy in ww2.
oh oo.. there's old bill, let's scarpa.. quick!!
by suge knight January 27, 2005
To run away to avoid something.
The boy had to scarper when his parents got out his baby pics.
by SomeoneNew May 10, 2012
means to dash : to run without a care about where you are running. used in the sense of playful guilt by children.
look there's that fucking boring, square evil twat-let's scarper.
by fish October 10, 2004
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