1. An adjective meaning awful, horrible, or the worst. The opposite of 'the shits' is 'the shit', used to describe something that rules or is generally really awesome. 'The shits' generally refers to something that sucks to just short of the greatest extent possible.

2. Another word for diarrhea. You get the shits when you eat something that makes your feces take on a primarily liquid form.
"Man, Weenus's breath is the shits. I can't believe I let him hiss right up my nose. It's so disgusting but I just can't stop."

"I sure wish I hadn't eaten all that rat shit. I think I'll have the shits for the rest of my miserable life..."
by American Jesus January 09, 2004
When a specific person believes they're the best at everything (sports, video games, their car, getting girls, etc.) and everybody loves them.
Primary Example: *Ford Kineth Kemp*

Max Naifeh: "Damn Ford, you are so good at everything you do. I mean you car is the best when mines a piece of shit, you get girls all the time when all I do is drink and get fat, and you are so much more athletic than me. YOUR'RE THE SHIT FORD!!!

Ford: "Max, please for the last time, I already know all of this.

Jack Love: Ford can I maybe suck your dick?

Ford Kemp: No Jack, thats what you do for Zac Turner. I get super models remember?

Unnamed Girl: Hey Ford, what's up??

Ford Kemp: It's now or never baby!!
by Slap Dick 69!! November 24, 2009
Hawaiian way to say The Shit - notice the failure to differentiate plural from singular, (due to the heavy Pidgin speaking population on the islands)
Wow, I found $900.00 in the wallet I ripped-off from that tourist! That's the shits!
by str8uph8 April 27, 2009
burning, explosive diarrhea.
I shouldn't have ate Indian food before i had anal sex. I had a bad case of the shits all over his peenieweenie!
by Nicolley August 02, 2006
Used with the verb "to have"

To be missing in action for an extended amount of time without explaining. Popularized by The Trooper.
Where is he? Does he have the shits?
by Numen March 07, 2007
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