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bonifyed bad ass...need i say more?
did you see that fight yesterday he went Solid Snake on Tommys ass!
by SPG October 16, 2003
A great movie consisting of a pasty white guy and a magic negro.
By now you should have guessed...I'm your magic negro.
by spg November 12, 2003
a diabolical person (see: sly poots)
he slaped my moma what a shafty bastard!
by SPG October 23, 2003
A reference to something great or awesome.
I'm the shit!
by spg November 13, 2003
a sexual weapon
he killed her with the digo banger
by SPG October 16, 2003
Skinny Pale Guy, see Ryan Bourassa or Skinny Pale Guy.
computer geeks tend to be skinny pale guys.
by spg November 12, 2003
A strange objet

Whats that?! oh thats a pigeo hammer!

shut you face ya pigeon hammer!
by SPG September 30, 2003
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