Is a way of saying diarrhoea or violent shitting. The shits involves sitting on the toilet pan and basically shitting out your guts in liquid form. It's like pissing shit out your anus in other words. The shits is not a very pleasant experience unless your a complete shit loving wierdo who enjoys urinating brown liquid out of his/her ass. The shits has many different causes. One of them is by eating food with a very hot pepper sauce on it. After eating extremely spicy food, the explosive diarrhoea experience is even worse than usual. The inside of the ass cheeks burn something awful and it is like someone has shoved a flame thrower up your rectum and pressed the trigger. The shits can also be caused by food poisoning (eating something that is not cooked properly). In this case vomiting may also happen.
''Aw dude, I was eating this unbelievably hot curry with extra hot sauce and I had the shits for like a week''

''I need the toilet, I can tell this is going to be the shits''

Q - ''What's the shits?''
A - ''Explosive diarrhoea dude''

Q - ''What's that awful smell man?''
A - ''Aw sorry dude I had the shits''

Q - ''Wanna hang out?''
A - ''Sorry I can't, I'm having the shits''
by JOBBYpantsss June 02, 2010
1) (adj) Anything that kicks ass.

NOTE: Not to be confused with "shit" which is a derrogatory term meaning something entirely different.
The new South Park episode was the shit!
by fraghappy November 06, 2003
a horrible form of doop
"Please excuse my son from school...he had diearreha...diarea...he had the shits."
by Jezca January 21, 2003
Something that is amazing. Not to be confused with "shit," which means horrible.
Yo, that car is the shit.
by yeah, ok November 06, 2007
1. Diarhea.
2. Unusually fluid feces.
"I ate some Indian food and got the shits"
by John E. October 10, 2004
Brownish-red juice that shoots from the anal sphincter. Caused by Montezuma's Revenge, or other health issues.
The shits, Pissing out of my asshole.
by Chris Richardson August 15, 2007
A slang term used by an American soldier in the Vietnam War. Ment to be the action of a battle.
Shit Joker, you've never been in the shit.
~Full Metal Jacket
by Mike G. May 05, 2004
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