Making the form of a hook with one's index finger. This is a little piece of sign language prevalent in prisons. Basically your prison bitch uses "the hook" to latch onto your belt loop or lets "the hook" be seen so the other inmates know he is someone's bitch.
Steve Ford is showing the hook, that's because he's Tim's bitch.
by T-Bone December 03, 2003
A range of sex toys, marketed by disney to Peter Pan fans.
Pedophile : Have you seen the latest model in the hook range?
by froody tree monkey December 02, 2003
Someone who knows a place to get drugs and/or do drugs.
Hey man, you go the hook on that?
by Miss Magz March 27, 2008
brings you back.
The hook brings you back. I ain't telling you no lies.
by El Macho Hunter December 04, 2003
the international meter of coolness, on a scale of 1-10

When something is cooler than the coolest of cool, it is "off the hook"
I'd give that fat dude about a 2 on the hook.
by off the hook November 30, 2003
The best local newspaper for Charlottesville, VA. Rival of the C'Ville newspaper. Offices on th Downtown Mall. Website:
Did you see THe Hook's article on how cool Agent S is? Oh man, it was awesome!
by Agent S November 30, 2003
Used to decribe something as amazing or awesome.
Dayum! Dat shit is off da hook!
by smelly_cat40 November 29, 2003

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