A slang word for the police used by poor greasers.
Damn The Fuzz just tazed me bro!!!
by Jared Etheridge November 18, 2008
Top Definition
the police (see also fuzz station)
If the fuzz find out where you are hiding, I won't help you.
by Light Joker June 11, 2005
the fuzz refers to the polices like the heat i think the word is derived from the police always being on your ass or in you face like peach fuzz
watch out for the fuzz... they probaby own the bar you drink and drive to and from.
by Au. December 31, 2015
The fuzz is a word used when your so frikkin high that when the cops come to bust your ass that u call them the fuzz because the crack and chron are blurring your vision.
Oh shit Flaco we got the fuzz on our tails.
by Amar Mujadzic November 16, 2004

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