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5 definitions by Richnirvana

When two lezzers make vagina to vagina contact for mutual stimulation of their respective budgies tongues. lezzer, velcro, rug-muncher, clitoris
See those two rug-munchers over there? I think they'll be up for some fuzz on fuzz action later. Just hope they've got a liquor licence....
by Richnirvana March 28, 2008
24 11
Homosexual, poofter, raving mincer, arse bandit et al....
Elton John? Good singer, but total nugget burgler.
by Richnirvana March 28, 2008
16 5
Brown on the outside, pink on the inside – what you see when you eat a black chick’s pussy out or if she teases you using the open piss-flap technique.
I saw Vanessa Blue in Black Reign - jeepers dude, when she pulled her bacon strips apart, thats the biggest strawberry choc ice I ever saw.

Beyonce "eat my strawberry choc ice" Knowles
by Richnirvana June 24, 2009
13 3
Crotchless panties allowing free access to the holiest of holies.
I bought Doris some penetration panties for Valentines Day. The old spunk nuggets nearly exploded when I saw her try them on.

by Richnirvana April 01, 2008
15 6
Stockings and suspenders sussies as worn by fit women usually craving a slice. Garterbelt for our US friends.
I took Doris out last and she had that short black skirt on again - when she got in the car I could see up her skirt and she was wearing straps. I nearly shot my load before we even got to the bar.
by Richnirvana March 27, 2008
21 36