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When a guy first goes through puberty and decides he wants look more mature. To accomplish this he unsucessfully tries to grow facial hair. A very common look among teens from the trailer park. It come in light and sparse like the fuzz on a peach.
Joe: "Whats up Julio? Like my stache? I've been working on it for a few months."
Julio: "Awesome."
by TM January 25, 2005
1)fine hairs, usually referring to the first emergence of facial or pubic hair on an adolescent

2)FFXI character on the Valefor server
1)Haha, you bought a razor to shave off that peachfuzz?!?!

2)Peachfuzz helped me get a key in Garliage last night.
by simon galactus August 23, 2006
when a guy has very very short hair on his face
"I dont need to shave yet it's just a little peach fuzz." is my friend's famous quote
by dawn June 15, 2002
A young man generally with alot of fuzzy hair on his face. Usually the hair is white. Usually the person also has giant eyes.
Ben has a lot of peach fuzz on his face.
by joe cashmir November 27, 2011
Refering to a white guy that someone knows, but doesn't call them by their real name; More than one person that a group of people know, but can't remember their name on the spot. Any white guy that thinks he's a thug.
You see peachfuzz this weekend? Nah, man. Ey, there goes peachfuzz right there......
by Sheel February 10, 2007
An alcoholic drink consisting of 1 part vodka (the cheapest you can buy) 1 part either peach schnapps or peach pucker (same shit) and 3 parts peach flavored iced tea.
Damn, I drank too much Peach Fuzz at Andy's Fuzzapalooza.
by Fuzzypanda November 27, 2010
When you have verry little pubic hairs
Despite Sam Millers peach fuzz, he stil had hidden treasure.
by Tim Sweeney November 09, 2003
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