If someone has both gonorrhea and syphilis they have The Claps
"yo dont touch that hoe ,she got the claps"
by sam fisk April 19, 2004
The Claps is a word that describe a girls booty bounce. The ability to make it clap while twerking. Dancing like she in a strip club.
"Damn, she got the claps" "I got the claps (i can make it clap, bounce)"
by RGOKY Cat February 25, 2012
Definition 1:
It is a a misnomer or bastardization of "the collapse". Which comes from World Wars when gonorrhea was so prevalent among GI's. It was in the hospital wards where the soldiers were that the medics and other patients would refer to it as "the collapse". Which through man's insufferable need to makes things smaller and easier because they are lazy, putrid, and even at the risk of endangering themselves, ignorant, shortened the word to "the clap".
Definition 2:
The term comes from the Paris neighborhood Clapier because of it's large number of prostitutes, or whores/hoes during the 14th century. And the word "clapier" might also have been another way of saying brothel or whore house, slut barn,pussy shack, or your mom's box, because of the prevalence of gonorrhea.
#1: A wounded soldier to a nurse changing a bedpan:

" What's wrong with that guy over there?"
" Oh, him? Oh, he's got the clap from one of those gook* hookers." * No offense to any Asian's who read this. I am not racist I just put it into context.
#2: I am too stoned to come up with an example of the second definition. Be lucky you got this much.
by McPenis Private Eye January 29, 2010
When playing Mario Kart and you receive the Thundercloud power up, you are forced to pass it off to someone. This can be referred to as "The Clap" which is short for thunderclap, but can also be used as an entendre for the STD slang term "The Clap"
"Damnit! I got the clap again! I don't want this...here, you take it!"
by JerksWords October 03, 2011
"The clap" is when you have finished your anal session and find that your dick is clogged with excrement, then proceed to clap your hands together, dick in the middle in order to expel it.(while still erect)
-bro, you know sarah?
-she finally let me knock on the back door,
-but she gave me a nasty ass case of the claps, i was at that shit all night long.
by TristanTheHuman November 11, 2014
slang term for gonorrhea
derived from the sound of you slapping the bitch that gave it to you
stupid ho gave me the clap so i struck her
by pottymouthheath July 21, 2010
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