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Jitterbug. A 1940s dance form where a male and female dancer perform a series of moves not unlike the 1950s rock and roll dancing.
The skill and strength required to throw the female dancer about was considered too much for mainstream dancing couples though.
The jitterbug evolved into the rock and roll style dancing seen in the 1950s and 1960s.

Also known in later years as the Jitterbug Boogie.
Gosh Cuthbert and emily really throw themselves about on that dancefloor doing the jitterbug.
by Ged123 May 05, 2007
An STD that is believed to of orignated in the 14th century in France. possbily due to the amount of population growth going on, or possibly because the English were stomping about in France a lot then.
It became known as the clap in 18th Century England where the term 'clapped out' would be used for a prostitute suffering from severe case of the clap.
'Peggys got the clap has she?'

'Aye, shes clapped out good and proper'


'Whats up?'

'I shagged her last night!'
by Ged123 May 05, 2007

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