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someone who is always jacking off. dick is always covered in spirm.
"Check out this awesome porn I got."
"Dude, your such a cheesy dick."
by Matt30 December 08, 2007
A Male with a odor to his penis, usually an Old molded Cheese smell... Mostly found on Uncircumcised men, but circumcised men can receive it also... In Most cases the smell comes from left over Urine Drops, Pre Ejaculation, and Poor Hygiene...
"Pull that skin back, so I can suck that dick"

"Eww... wtf? Boy go wash that Cheesy Dick"
by TSMorgan October 18, 2013
The art of eating Hot Cheetos (usually drinking Dr. Pepper as well) and never washing your hands, proceeding to wipe them on your pants right next to the genital region, therefore leaving a stain of cheese on your dick.
"Look at Eric eat those Hot Cheetos"
"He is such a mess"
"Now watch him wipe his hand on his pants"
"He's got a bad case of cheesy dick"
by DaKushmasta June 24, 2016
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