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A show that used to be good until Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel retired, then it just turned into total crap.
by dj_gs68 November 03, 2003
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A show that was mildly amusing when it had Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla. Now it's just a piece of bullshit with a couple of talentless boners as hosts.
I hope they cancel the man show and put those two asshats who host it in the gas chamber for show murder.
by Mortenson January 29, 2004
A Show Mainly Targeted at Men, the Aim to be a Riotus Celebration of all things Male. The show Was funny for a Time while Still being Hosted by Adam Corolla And Jimmy Kimmel. The show Rapidly went Downhill when They Retired.
It is one of those shows Where you either Love it or Hate it.
When you love it, you think that there could be no show better, But if you hate it, you think it is infantile crap only watched by Giggling teenage idiots looking to get thier rocks off over the juggies.
Such is life.
"Quit your job and light a fart, yank your favorite private part, Its, The, Man show" - Part of the man show theme song
by Churba December 08, 2004
meaning of life when the original hosts adam & jimmy were still on..think sexist terms illustrated by naked blondes humping a giant penis
by etchasketch October 21, 2003
a show for men where Sexy ladies i wanna fuck is in (i hope)
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
The best fuckin show on television! Better with Adam and Jimmy, but Joe and Doug are still pretty raunchy and funny. Has hot juggees and hilarious toilet humor.
The Man Show is the man's version of Oprah, and in fact frequently makes fun of her.
by Dewey June 29, 2004
A show that sucked, and does suck. An overrated show that teenagers watch (I watched it long ago, and I can attest to the suckery of it.) No humor value at all, and was made by a random bunch of perverts (Jimmy Kimmel should've stuck with Ben Stein, now that was a pretty funny show)

Teenagers (or adults), upon hearing that you do not like the show, will tell you that you are either gay or a woman, because it shows the intelligence of the brains who watch the show.
Dude, I hate the Man Show. - Christopher Columbus shortly after arriving at the coast of America.
by Not Zane July 21, 2004

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