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Set off the bra bomb when Dean Bitterman had the President of the U.S to College University.
Yes! Take that Dean Bitterman.
by Mortenson January 24, 2004
An evil genius who has tried to kill; Bart Simpson; Selma Bouviere; Krusty the Klown (x2) and probably others. He has also attempted to blow up Springfield, but mended his ways twice, thrwarting his brothers plans to flood Springfield and helping homer find the man who was trying to kill him (Frank Grimes' son).
Sideshow Bob bears a grudge against the world.
by Mortenson January 30, 2004
A show that was mildly amusing when it had Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla. Now it's just a piece of bullshit with a couple of talentless boners as hosts.
I hope they cancel the man show and put those two asshats who host it in the gas chamber for show murder.
by Mortenson January 29, 2004
See unelectable Has the same chance of beating Bush as the Washington Generals do the Harlem Globetrotters.
Short wealthy firebrands have this nasty habit of not winning presidential elections.
by Mortenson January 26, 2004
An indispensible web site where one can find term papers, outdated hacking info and bomb recipes all in the same place, circa 1980's and culled from the old BBS system.
textfiles.com is the best.
by Mortenson February 09, 2004
Got hung off of a balcony by Suge Knight, because he refused to sign over the rights to 'ice ice baby'. He later said he thought it was a good thing because the extortion financed the careers of tupac and snoop dogg.
Vanilla Ice gets extorted on a daily basis, cause everyone knows he'll just pay you respect for robbing him a few years later.
by Mortenson January 26, 2004
Ruined his chances by being endorsed by the corpulent commie Mike Moore. He may as well had Fidel call here and say 'Clark '04!'. Unbeknownst to most people, he has voted Republican most of his life, and was a defense lobbyist who profited from the Iraq war he so staunchly opposes. Or does he? As you can see, not known for being a straight shooter.
Wesley Clark will crash and burn.
by Mortenson January 26, 2004

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