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A battleground for trolls, flamers, fanboys, and elitists.
<UrbanDictionary user> So people likes anime, huh? Well I hate it, so I'll write a definiton saying that anyone who likes it is a fat 35-year-old Wapanese otaku who lives in his mom's basement!
by dj_gs68 November 01, 2003
A place where cars drive you.
(replace "union" with "Russia"
by dj_gs68 November 13, 2003
A show that used to be good until Adam Corolla and Jimmy Kimmel retired, then it just turned into total crap.
by dj_gs68 November 03, 2003
A top-down shooter created by Fabtek in the early 90's. There are two weapons available: a regular shot (red powerup) and a laster (blue powerup). The player presses a button to fire, and a secondary button may be pressed to release a bomb which takes up a nice portion of the screen and damages anything in its path.

Also, see Raiden Fighters.
by dj_gs68 November 03, 2003
Plural form: people.

Also, see dumbass.
I'm surrounded by stupid people. Stupid people who think school is a waste of time and would rather get a job drug dealing or prostituting.
by dj_gs68 November 09, 2003
A series of shortened down words. Includes:

- u
- 2
- g2g/gtg
- bcuz

and such.

Often looked down upon as it doesn't look very smart.
"Cut the AOL shorthand, dumbass."
"wuts aol shorthand? also im not a dumbass u are"
by dj_gs68 December 07, 2003
Basically Raiden with more variety.

Players can choose from one of three ships, each with their own weapons and capabilities. Powerups include smaller ships to assist your fighter, dumb-fire missles, and lasers.

Fans of this game may also enjoy its sequels, Raiden Fighters 2: Operation Hell Dive and Raiden Fighters Jet.
I occasionally play Raiden Fighters at the local flea market.
by dj_gs68 November 03, 2003

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