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35 definitions by etchasketch

what college kids and janitors live off of.....dried slab of noodles that you cook for 3 minutes and then add sodium-enriched seasoning of all flavors to. requires knowledge of stove.
by etchasketch October 21, 2003
677 232
something that sparks sexual feelings, urges to get down, all meaning.....something that gets you horny.
"men see strippers cause they're erotic"

i tried.
by etchasketch October 21, 2003
869 455
a borderline un-genred unknown-by-many band from utah that first came out into the mainstream public in summer of 2002, with lyrics about past experiences, love/relationships, rocky friendships, etc. they kick so much ass is all you have to know. buy the cd, bitch.
"the used are my favorite band" *nods*
by etchasketch October 22, 2003
463 178
noise usually including instruments and sometimes vocals that makes you want to stab in your eardrums. this noise is not ear-candy.
listen to that bad music
by etchasketch January 07, 2004
234 43
opposite of bad
"you're not bad, you're good!"
by etchasketch November 23, 2003
473 290
something many people lack
"that bitch had no personality"
by etchasketch November 23, 2003
186 89
child of kurt cobain and courtney love
save frances bean?
by etchasketch January 06, 2004
104 24