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"mind laughing"
abbreviation used mainly in instant messaging to express laughter to oneself. similar to lol, but without actually producing sound.
(online chat)

LaBrandon: That's wack!!!! haha
Miguel: ml
by Hugh Mungus 69 May 14, 2009
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Much Love.
by Usethissaying May 11, 2009
something beyond adorable. the greatest thing you have ever seen. when you're out of words for descriing something that is truly magnificent.
Jonfran: Whoa check out that brunette, she's M.L.
Demetrius: Yea she is but wasn't she a blonde before?
Jonfran: But before that she had brown hair so shes back to her natural hair coulour.... so she's a brunette.
by etran March 12, 2008
Make love.
Did they ml that night?
by Eulalie Eldorado August 29, 2010
Abbreviation for: Much Love
I thought your report was wonderful!!!

by Domnk February 13, 2010
One who loves a minor.
Ew fruitabbles is such an ml.
by taas July 10, 2008
"mental laugh" or "mind laugh"
Used while texting. Similar to "lol" but used when someone thinks something is funny, but never made a sound out loud. This way they are being more truthful.
person1: "sup"
person2: "nothing much, just fell down the stairs, you?"
person1: "ml stupid, uhhh texting you :)"
by pepper dolphin January 30, 2011

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