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a second year law student, combining the best aspects of all barristers-to-be: the wisdom of a 3L yet the idealism and enthusiasm of a 1L.
One might say that 2Ls are "2L" (too legit)

After only one more school year, 2Ls will be ready to join the workforce to give the world exactly what it needs more of: lawyers. Try and stop us!
by Bob at the Bar May 12, 2005
54 10
Too Legit. MC Hammer's old phrase. This is the chat room/internet version.

See also too legit.
MC Hammer - "2L 2 Quit"

Like my new shoes? They're 2L
by R4JC July 26, 2004
9 16
The room in a fratentity house where the two members who aren't suitable for public display reside during parties.
Chester and Kenny had to be told to hang out in 2L to avoid the public scruntity
by clutwallass August 25, 2009
0 15