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The art of flicking is used in the sport of cycling, when one rider flicks another, they block their path, box them in etc. Its a way of dominating your position in the peleton although it is not a professional thing or nice thing to do and will anger the rider you flicked!
Theres alot of flicking that goes on in the peleton, you dont see it but its always happening-Lance Armstrong
by Its not about the BIke! August 08, 2005
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should be pronounced omitting the g
Same as "Tight" "Da Bomb" "fire", ect.
Damn, ya boys ride is flickin'
by MARCJON78 September 07, 2003
A female term for masturbation.
She walked to her room in private, locked the door. She unbuttoned and slid her fingers under the inside waistband of her panties.
Opening her legs, sliding her hand down her pussy, spreading her lips with her first and fourth finger. Then she held the lips in place with her other hand, leaving her clitoris vulnerable. She uses the first hand to flick against her clit, over and over as she arches her back.
Then she reaches back and flicks against the walls of the opening of her vagina, going back and flicking her clitoris.
She strokes her labia and flicks her clitoris again, finally finishing and although she's wet, lifting up her pants like nothing happened. Shaking, she goes to read more definitions!
by Wantfemaleterms July 22, 2013
like freaking or fucking
you are a flicking idiot!
by catiepie September 14, 2006
The act of 'flicking' through television programs each time an ad break comes on. By doing so, the viewer watches roughly 5 minutes of several crap shows and forgets what they were watching in the first place.
John: Hey Pete, did ya catch what happened in the final Lost episode last night?

Pete: NO, i ended up flicking through the ads and missed it for another repeated episode of Scrubs.
by house on rock March 14, 2011
to have wave looking patterns on your hair, a hairstlye mainly for black boys. So if u have some waves on your head then you are flicking.
Bub: my waves flicking
Joe: yea i see dem waves
by G-lo da gigalo April 23, 2008
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