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the proper behavior one should use when texting i.e. responding promptly or the correct use of lol
brooke: god why does it take so long for taylor to text back?

jackie: that's because she has really poor textiquette
by tayfresh February 13, 2009
the observance of a commonly held code of courteous text messaging etiquette.
Dude! You are decimating my free text message allowance with your txt tlk commentary on the status of your fucktarded observations on life. Get some textiquette already!
by Moxie Bandersnatch July 25, 2008
being polite when text messaging: no spamming, be short, go easy on capitals, be personal. watch for double meanings (is LOL "laugh out loud" or "lots of love"? could get you punched in the nose!) and no text overload or you might move onto the world of "textual harassment".
Right textiquette: ILU! CU l8tr!
Wrong textiquette: I love you I love you I love you please see me OMG I think we should be 2gether. Did you get this text? Call me! LU! LOL! IXXXXXU!
by Foddy November 21, 2007
The etiquette used when texting people, especially people you've just met or that just don't know you very well.
"Why do you have, like, 14 unread texts from Randy?" "He has horrible textiquette, every time I don't answer his first text right away he sends, like, a dozen more and starts freaking out."
by NeverLetItRest March 15, 2009
The manners one uses or doesn't use when having a conversation through texting.
Doug - " so I messaged you and you reply three hours later?"

Guy - "I didn't have my phone on me man."

Doug - "Thats Narnetic! Everyone checks there phone atleast once an hour. You need to learn some textiquette my good man."
by Craig Douglas November 08, 2010
the syntax and correct grammar in texting
using different slang and language than you would in formal writing

nothing is worse than getting a text saying "k."
Person 1: Dude, I just got a text saying k, what a waste of a text.
Person 2: Dude yea that sucks, what terrible textiquette..

Person 1: People need to learn to use proper textiquette!!
Person 2: Why whats up?
Person 1: Some people write novels but like its just a text! and i hate when people abbreviate stupid shit like dont put l8er.. it really isnt that much easier to put an 8 than an a and t...
Person 2:dudeee that's so beat what a toooool
by Pittgirl821 December 19, 2010
Conventional or socially accepted behavior when in conversation via text.
You didn't respond in a timely manner, you should use better textiquette.
by Evolution Language October 03, 2011
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