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To harass someone through text messages.
If I texted my co-worker would that be textual harassment?
#text #text message #sexual harassment #harassment #annoying
by Jen C. May 19, 2006
Repeatedly texting one's cell phone to the point of harassment
This dude won't stop texting me. I think I might file for "textual harassment.
#harassment #text #text messaging #texting #bother
by Terri L August 05, 2007
Part of the stalker's arsenal, textual harassment is the act of using a mobile phone to bombard someone with unsolicited text messages of any nature, though usually social or sexual in nature.
A: "Dude, the chick I railed last weekend won't leave me alone. I'm getting 5 or 6 texts a day from her."

B: "Sounds like textual harassment to me, man. I'm so sorry to hear about that."
#text #harassment #mobile #sex #stalking
by Jay Claytor October 17, 2007
the term used to describe when one is constantly and obsessively texted by someone whom they don't wish to communicate with.
john keeps textually harassing me - hes sent me like 50 texts today, even though i haven't responded to any of them. i wish he'd quit partaking in textual harassment.
#sexual harassment #texting #sexting #harassment #harasment
by littlebear2412 January 04, 2010
When an individual is receiving a barrage of text messages from an unwanted sender.
That bitch was texting me out of control last night, I want to file for textual harassment.
#texting #cell phone #phone #harassment #text
by Heyder October 03, 2010
Textual Harassment is the act of texting a person repeatedly with harmful and or sexual intentions.
Sue. you heard from terry
Lil. yeah he sent me a text yesterday.
Sue. what did it say.
LIl. hey girl you wanna come over and lemme poke that fine brazillian booty.
#text #sex #game #creepy #halarious.
by TRAFFICJAMMA June 25, 2009
when another person just won't stop sending you text messages, blowing your cell phone up with texts.
i have become a victim of textual harassment, this girl won't stop texting me!!...
#text #sexual #harassment #cell phone #funny
by soopasonik January 03, 2011
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