Text ettiquette- for example you shouldnt overuse abbreviations, use capitals or exclamation points excessively, and say anything a parent could read over shoulder. A word that Katey came up with. COPYRIGHT
Erica: OMG that new Kate Spade bag is totes hot! OMG IDK WTD! WTF!NVM, IDC
Katey: Wow. Slow down and use TEXTIQUETTE.
Erica: G2G. POS
by KateytheGreaty May 19, 2009
A code that governs the expectations of social mobil texting behavior. Keeping in contact and responding in the same electronic communication form. IE: text/text, email/email, phone/phone, smoke signal/ smoke etc.
It was poor textiquette for Me to call Will directly after he had just texted me that there was surf. I should have texted him back and not broken the textiquette chain but, some times it takes so much longer to type then talk. M
by Raffo November 13, 2007
The manner in which one texts throughout a texting conversation.
"Robby responded with just the letter "k" ... he always has such improper textiquette. Now I'm not taking him to the softball game."

Macey is always such a great conversationalist. I think she used to take classes on textiquette.
by intershella5555 April 29, 2011

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