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being polite when text messaging: no spamming, be short, go easy on capitals, be personal. watch for double meanings (is LOL "laugh out loud" or "lots of love"? could get you punched in the nose!) and no text overload or you might move onto the world of "textual harassment".
Right textiquette: ILU! CU l8tr!
Wrong textiquette: I love you I love you I love you please see me OMG I think we should be 2gether. Did you get this text? Call me! LU! LOL! IXXXXXU!
#texting #etiquette #phone #rules #textual
by Foddy November 21, 2007
Fresh-off-the-dick. A term used to describe a girl who frequents fraternity houses and fucks all the guys.
That chick's such a F.O.D, I saw her at Sigma Nu last night.
#fod #fresh #off #the #dick #fraternity #fob
by foddy April 22, 2013
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