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n. The combination of the words 'text' and 'retard'. Used to describe someone that will constantly use text-speak nearly to the point of you wanting to slap them several times for looking so unintelligent and all-around annoying. However, using frequent text language, with the acception of cell phones and actual text usage, does not make one a textard. To be a textard, they must use text-speak constantly for virtually every word in the sentence when it's unnecessary.
AIM discussion:

RosesRed33: Hey, whats up?

Textard41: OMG liek hai!! omfg i saw teh awesomest moveh evar, it wuz amazin, cuz i went 2 teh 1 thtre w/ mah bf that wuz kool, rite??

RosesRed33: Ugh, will you please stop talking like a textard? It's really annoying.
by TheWhatGirl September 10, 2009
or text-tard, or texting retard, someone who has trouble sending text messages from a cell phone key pad (makes many mistakes, takes a long time to send a message or a reply) or someone who sends a text message (usually personal and not to be disclosed) to the wrong person.
Joe is such a textard, every time i text him, he takes forever to send a reply.

Jill had a textard moment when she sent a picture of her bare ass to her dad instead of her boyfriend.
by shizzlehead January 03, 2007