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Get up and go.
You've got an awful lot of G'n'G today.

Where'd all of your G'n'G come from?
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by Lady G'n'G November 15, 2015
Gay? Not gay?
He's going to hair school on a cheer scollarship! GnG?
by TwinkleToeMxMom July 18, 2009
The widely-used abreiviation for the title of AFI's "Girl's Not Grey"
Me 'n' Tanya are learning how to play GNG for the coffehouse on Monday
by Tanja April 05, 2004
Internet shorthand for "going".
"Hey, howz it gng?"
by osric July 29, 2008
1. Acronym for Gay Not Gay

2. A term used to refer to a man/woman of questionable heterosexuality.

3. A man whom by all outward appearences and mannerisms seems to be homosexual yet enjoys having sex with women.
1. GNG just complimented me on my dress and said it was "Cute." Are you sure he's not gay or in the closet?

2. A GNG might say something like " I just love to wake up in the morning and listen to Barbara Streisand while I make love to my girlfriend."

3. Another saying by a GNG "God, I LOOVE this Linda Ronstadt song! Whoa, I'd like to eat tofu off of her ass!"
by Berry817 October 25, 2010
good nigga game
LIQuIDLIoN20 02: gng
Bam Margera 809: gng
by Bam September 05, 2003

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