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Retarded texter. Basically this could be any person who sends blank or incomplete texts or people who are completely slow at texting and also includes the severely textarded who won't even try or receive a text and don't even know what it is.
Bobby takes 4 hours sometimes to respond to a text. Sometimes he just sends me part of the text other times a text with nothing at all. He is so textarded!
by HAPPER September 22, 2008
The inability to text or difficultly using the cell phone to send and/or receive text
I texted my Mom, but I don't know if she got it, she's kinda textarded.
by Aly Gyrl October 26, 2008
to be slow at texting
hurry up and send the message you textarded bastard
by p3t3er August 24, 2008
a name you call someone that sends completely unreadable text messages that include stupid symbols like dollar signs and contain numbers, it takes 3 minutes to decipher one text message but during this time the retard your texting has already sent out five more messages of the same complexity. in order for you to succesfuly text back you must be as retarded as them or have a team of ten proffesional code breakers. while there textibg you unreadable messages you become extreamly mad and because of this asshole your days ruined. in order to tell them to shut up there one thing you can say that they will understand... stp txting me icnt undrstd u, tlk nrmly r STFU. this translates to stop texting me, i cant understand you, talk normaly or shut the fuck up.
bigdick511. hi emmily, hows your day!!!

XXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOemly@urhsXOCO$E$%. 8 ws rly gr8, i mt ths gy he wnts 2 go ot wth me. i sd ys . wr gng 2 the movys 2 c prnrml actvty!!!

bigdick511. im sick of you bieng a fucking retard talk normaly you spaz, no wonder why you failed english 2 times.

XXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOemly@urhsXOCO$E$%. u md me :( sa ur sry!!!

bigdick511. your so textarded...
your chat partner (bigdick511) has signed out.
by checkitoutfool May 20, 2010
a) One who is retarded in the ways of modern texting, i.e not knowing the lingo, such as lmfao, lol, idk, etc.

b) One who does not know how to text at all.
Daughter: Idk, Mom, my bff Jill told me on me on the DL and I instantly lmfao.

Mom: *blank stare*

Daughter: You're so textarded, Mom.
by Gotta Luv It November 22, 2009
Not knowing to text and or use T9 to text.
My mom never replies to my texts, she;s so textarded!
by Jack the Nipper August 16, 2008
Someone who(always)sends their text message before completing the message.
Every day I get a text message from Brandon, and it is incomplete. He is sooo (textarded!)
by oangieo June 20, 2008

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