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Used extensively on the internet to mean "within the last 10 minutes."
"This is the best picture of a walrus with a bukkit EVAR!!!!"
by incekt January 26, 2009
The entropic value-at-risk (EVaR) is a coherent risk measure introduced by A. Ahmadi Javid (2012) that corresponds to the tightest possible upper bound obtained from the Chernoff inequality for the value-at-risk (VaR). The dual representation of the EVaR is closely related to the Kullback-Leibler divergence, also known as the relative entropy.
The EVaR is an upper bound for the VaR.
by David.ABC March 25, 2012
An extreme emphasis of ever. See also nevar.
I will nevar succumb to you evil wiles! EVAR! Demon-sheep!
by Mizarc September 16, 2003
Same as the word ever, however often times used on forums to diss people.
Best thread EVAR!!
by brandon November 27, 2002
"In my opinion." Used as an emphatic word to imply universality, but is restricted to the speaker only.
"Pokemon Snap is the BEST. GAME. EVAR!!"
by BillEager July 09, 2006
1. Another word for 'loser'.
Especially one that writes "poetry" and considers themselves "forsaken".
2. Extreme form of 'ever'.
Poor little Evar will nevar get laid... evar.
by halikan ako March 16, 2006
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