A terrorist is today's scapegoat. Just like the Communists were in the Cold War era, and the savages at the time of the colonization of the Americas.
People's view of Terrorists is no different then the view people in America had of Communism in the Cold War.
by Part Ridge October 12, 2007
One mans murderer of innocent people is another mans murderer of innocent people
One mans murderer of innocent people is another mans murderer of innocent people.
by Bob4653241245235 November 30, 2005
A son of a bitch who likes to think killing himself to kill Americans pleases their deity, usually Allah. He doesn't seem to realize Jesus will bust a cap in his ass then send him to hell.
Terrorist: Allah Akbar!! ALALALALA!!!!
Jesus: Hey Dad, kill that sumbitch before he hurts America!
God: I sniped him with my lightning skillz!
Terrorist: Where's my 72 virgins?
Jesus: click-clack blao!
by wfefwwfe July 31, 2010
1. Anybody who is from Iraq, India, or Pakistan
2. Anybody who grew up in a desert
1. Tom: This is Abdul, he is from Pakistan

2. David: My name is david and i am from Arizona.
by JOHN BUCK May 04, 2008
A coward. One who wishes to force his own religious, political or social views on a population by means of causing fear, distress and disruption. Terrorists do not have the means, intelligence or humanity to believe in discussion or democracy. They will not assemble an army and declare war, nor will they confront their problems face to face like men. Rather, they will perform sneaky, underhanded acts of barbarism and brutality - killing thousands of innocent men, women and children just to make a point. They will perform such manly, proud acts as tying a man up and slitting his throat on national TV, hijacking a school full of children and hiding bombs on public transport.
Terrorists have no emotion, no humanity and will even kill themselves in order to perform a successful massacre.
They are wimps and have no place (nor any desire for) a safe and civillised world.
If their God is looking down on them, surely he would not be happy and proud of what his "subjects" are doing.
Russia, Madrid, New York, and London have all been victims of terrorist scumbags.
by Alan Morgan July 07, 2005
A beer hidden in a paper cup such as those found in fast food restaurants. By using a straw, one can drink in public without attracting attention.
Max went to McDonald's hours ago. At this point, he's probably drinking a terrorist.
by Ski Dude September 30, 2010
A terrorist is a person or people who make and set off bombs in places all around the country
Man 1:you see that them terrorists did to america on 9/11
Man 2: yeah i was them paki bastards, why dont they go back to there own country ? that way none of this would have happened!

Man 1: yeah thats true, fuckin pakis are nuthing but a bunch of fucking terrorists!!
by Ihatepakis September 07, 2009

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