Man#1:They try to rule over the world.
Man#1:Their goverment was ment to hold us back, using ignorence, drugs and sneak attack
by SinSki da King December 10, 2008
are fucked the hell up
terrorists are fucked...become a christian or the terrorists win...
by Oh! $#!T! October 14, 2007
a word used to make freedom fighters evil, who only defend their countries; or one who needs money for their family who has to sacrifice their life to Allah, some brainwashed, there will be a reward for those who sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah, during war.
the muslim world may be considered a terrorist to the western world, yet the muslim world views americans as terrorist, muslims are not the bad guys, thank fox news for making a bad image for muslims
by materazzi4ever May 09, 2008
Any person who, when amongst a crowded group of people, lets loose an incredibly smelly fart. (suicide bomber)

Also any person who walks past groups of people while farting, spreading the gas across a wide area. (WMD)
"Alright, who's the terrorist? Christ, that stinks."
by chuckee May 06, 2008
terrorist is Some fool who attempts to scare people ( not always innocent ones) by violent means. Not to be confused with tourist .
My friends Dudley Luka and Jack got arrested for terrorism because they made a bomb in his (dudleys) back garden and set it off. Twats! They are mini terrorists
by DGM February 25, 2008
A fictional character trait opposite in lore to the unicornist in that they exist only when one believes in it.
George-Oh my god!!! terrorists!!!
Gregory-EE GAD, man! I already checked under your bed for the boogey man and your closet for chupacabras...what's next!?
by geedubs February 14, 2008
One mans murderer of innocent people is another mans murderer of innocent people
One mans murderer of innocent people is another mans murderer of innocent people.
by Bob4653241245235 November 30, 2005
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