Under the narrowly defined sense used by the US (and allies of the US that benefit from the narrow definition) it's anyone who stands up for his/her rights against hegemonic interests or the use of resources for non multinational corporate interests. For the rest of the population of this planet, the US (and allies of the US that benefit from the narrow definition given above).
So Palestinian acts of violence are terrorist acts, but taking land away from an indigenous, innocent third-party and then treating people like dogs under a brutal occupation for years is not terrorizing?

The best way for the US to stop terrorism is to stop its overwhelming participation in committing terrorist acts.
by Angry Man/Woman of Color March 14, 2008
mahad;a fithy muslim who who enjoys cock in his asshole while blowing up C4
guy 1)i just got back from Iraq.
guy 2)same and i killed 69 niggerfaggot terrorists
by flloridaman69 May 21, 2008
A person of any race or nationality that:
-uses the fear and/or death of civilians for political gain.
-is too immature and selfish to try and make a positive impact on society.
-uses their religion/background/ethnicity as an excuse to justify their blind hate
-is coerced into thinking it is ok to hurt others to get what they want
-beheads civilians when their fellow terrorists are fed and provided with a mat to pray on,a kuran, and food and drink
-fights the public because they are too cowardly to fight the government they wish to change
1. If we terrorists hijack this bus full of civilians who don't even know we exist we can get our way when the government decides to do xyz.
2. Hi, I am a terrorist and I don't care how anyone else feels so I am going to use violence against people who have no idea what I'm fighting for so I can get my way.
3. Hello, I am a (KKK member, muslim extremist, intolerant bastard) and because of this I am entitled to maim/ rape/ murder/ behead/ lynch/ burn/ torture whomever I wish
4. Howdy, Hackmir al' Wypeshisbutt said we should hate Americans (even though the only reason we are able to sustain ourselves is because of the food they send us) so therefore anyone of that nationality (no matter their view or background) must die and be cleansed from the earth (and let us starve to death because the only thing we have to eat is sand.
5. Hello I am a terrorist. My buddy Al Goah Fuqamysef is being held in an American prison for an indefinite amount of time while being fed, given a quran, and a mat to pray on. Because I don't like the fact that my terrorist friend must be interrogated I am going to capture some random people who are entirely neutral and behead them and send tapes to the families.
6. Hi I'm a terrorist and I am too cowardly to fight a foreign military (even though we fight like "lions and tigers and bears oh my") so therefore I am going to make a bomb and blow up people WHO DONT GIVE A FUCKING SHIT whether some foreign fucks want an extra .02 km in their border
7. Hello I provide money and safe harbor to people who intentionally kill innocents on a daily basis... but I'm not a terrorist nation....
by Jonathan12345 September 12, 2006
An ass hole (usually Muslim) who gets a kick out of killing innocent people and blowing themselves up in a public place.
Hey, did you hear about that terrorist ass hole who blew himself up the other day?
by BigT 747 August 30, 2007
A bomber, usually a Paki like Shan Khan.
1. Hey Shan you terrorist! Wanna bomb UTS?
by Shan Khan December 07, 2012
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