1. Anybody who is from Iraq, India, or Pakistan
2. Anybody who grew up in a desert
1. Tom: This is Abdul, he is from Pakistan

2. David: My name is david and i am from Arizona.
by JOHN BUCK May 04, 2008
A terrorist is a person or people who make and set off bombs in places all around the country
Man 1:you see that them terrorists did to america on 9/11
Man 2: yeah i was them paki bastards, why dont they go back to there own country ? that way none of this would have happened!

Man 1: yeah thats true, fuckin pakis are nuthing but a bunch of fucking terrorists!!
by Ihatepakis September 07, 2009
People of Middle Eastern descent (i.e. Saudi arabia,Iran, Iraqistan and what the hell other -stans there are)
Ahmed is a terroristsss
by hiei Bennet August 27, 2007
Any person who by their actions or comments screws up a situation, task or conversation.
The back-up running back was an absolute terrorist in the drills today."
by Coach Luke May 03, 2006
Someone who likes oil, war and like to kill people, want to cause chaos or killing themselves with a C4 bomb or an AK-47(or all of them).
How to define a terrorist:
Islam + Oil = Terrorist
Bush is a terrorist.
Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist
Suicide Bombing is terrorism.
War is terrorism !!!!!
by <shoot_here> February 29, 2008
One word.... PETA(People for the ethical treatment of animals) .
Terrorist 1: Dude that peta member just blew up a slaughterhouse!

Terrorist 2: AWESOME!!!
by Logan033 June 16, 2008
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