A muslim
Not all muslims are terrorists.... but all terrorists are muslim
by Musamim Mubtakir May 29, 2012
Any person who by their actions or comments screws up a situation, task or conversation.
The back-up running back was an absolute terrorist in the drills today."
by Coach Luke May 03, 2006
Someone who likes oil, war and like to kill people, want to cause chaos or killing themselves with a C4 bomb or an AK-47(or all of them).
How to define a terrorist:
Islam + Oil = Terrorist
Bush is a terrorist.
Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist
Suicide Bombing is terrorism.
War is terrorism !!!!!
by <shoot_here> February 29, 2008
mahad;a fithy muslim who who enjoys cock in his asshole while blowing up C4
guy 1)i just got back from Iraq.
guy 2)same and i killed 69 niggerfaggot terrorists
by flloridaman69 May 21, 2008
Under the narrowly defined sense used by the US (and allies of the US that benefit from the narrow definition) it's anyone who stands up for his/her rights against hegemonic interests or the use of resources for non multinational corporate interests. For the rest of the population of this planet, the US (and allies of the US that benefit from the narrow definition given above).
So Palestinian acts of violence are terrorist acts, but taking land away from an indigenous, innocent third-party and then treating people like dogs under a brutal occupation for years is not terrorizing?

The best way for the US to stop terrorism is to stop its overwhelming participation in committing terrorist acts.
by Angry Man/Woman of Color March 14, 2008
One word.... PETA(People for the ethical treatment of animals) .
Terrorist 1: Dude that peta member just blew up a slaughterhouse!

Terrorist 2: AWESOME!!!
by Logan033 June 16, 2008
One of Arab or Persian descent.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a prime example of a terrorist.
by Ajhmed February 07, 2007

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