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are fucked the hell up
terrorists are fucked...become a christian or the terrorists win...
by Oh! $#!T! October 14, 2007
17 35
The act of ejaculating on a females face, then farting in her face briefly afterwords.
We broke up after he gave me a terrorist.
by masterkpeb September 22, 2010
15 36
one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter!!
by philosopher September 28, 2005
1434 1455
The most miss/overused and politically incorrect word in the English language. The word terrorist is used by media and politicians to create fear and convince people to follow their agendas. George W. Bush uses the words terrorist/terrorism in almost every one of his speeches but has never actually defined what they mean he just uses them because he knows how much fear they will inspire.

By widely accepted idea of what terrorism is, George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden are both terrorists.
George W. Bush and Osama Bin Ladenare both terrorists
by none of yours! November 05, 2009
50 72
A citizen of the country Terror.
The terrorist at the airport was so nice when we arrived at Terror International.
by GeorgeWBush September 06, 2006
1263 1286
chris moore.
chris moore is a terrorist.
by bigbeck March 22, 2010
33 58
Any person who, when amongst a crowded group of people, lets loose an incredibly smelly fart. (suicide bomber)

Also any person who walks past groups of people while farting, spreading the gas across a wide area. (WMD)
"Alright, who's the terrorist? Christ, that stinks."
by chuckee May 06, 2008
29 54