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An evil Fascist country that America is currently at war against.
*Established- September 11, 2001
*Presidents- (1) Saddam Hussein (2001-2003)
(2) Abu Musab Al Zaraqwi (2004-2006)
(3) Osama Bin Ladin (whenever convenient)
(4) To be determined by the CIA
*Religion- Different brands of Islam, primarily JIHAD
*Population- One billiion America hating persons are citizens of Terror, they are commonly reffered to as terrorists or terrorrees.
*Location- Uknown, can not be found on map. They are that sneaky.
*Economy- No one works, everyone is to busy hating America. Most of the money flowing in and out of Terror, quite ironically, is a direct result of U.S. "foreign aid". Individual radicals also contribute funds.
*Language- America hating arabic
*Holidays- Terror has two main holidays:
(1) Ramadan- consists of fasting and praying
(2) September 11th- citiznes are required to dance in the streets with joy and shout "Death to America".
*Military- A sophisticated, coordinated and very organized military that is determined to destroy America. Although they have not done so yet, they are 100% capable of sending a platoon of 1,000 to combat American forces anywhere in the world.
*Controversy- Some obviously insane individuals seem to believe Terror is not a country, but a tactic of individual persons and/or small groups.
We are at war with Terror.
America is safer from Terror, but it is not yet safe.
Terror hates freedom.
Before WWIII started, i used to vacation in Terror, but its just to violent now.

by GeorgeWBush September 06, 2006
In America, how the federal government robs it's citizens.
Bob: President Bush's tax cuts, really helped me out! It's my money so why shouldnt i get to keep more of it?
Kelly" That's great Bob, it's too bad that because of inflation each dollar you save has less purchasing power each year.
by GeorgeWBush September 06, 2006
A very simple, effective rebuttal for anyone that dares to attack our leaders policies. Additionally, this word is a trademark of the leader.
Guest: But there were no WMD's, and Iraq didnt have anything to do with 9/11.

Sean Hannity: I see, you hate Freedom.
by GeorgeWBush August 30, 2006
A citizen of the country Terror.
The terrorist at the airport was so nice when we arrived at Terror International.
by GeorgeWBush September 06, 2006

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