Someone who does bad stuff.
America considers you a terrorist if you:
-Are from the Middle East
-Disagree with foreign policy
-Oppose the war
-Don't fly a flag
-Don't own a flag to fly
-Fly a different flag
-Speak a language other than English
by Implode September 14, 2007
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A percieved enemy to a country or countries pollitical and/or economical power that uses "unconvential" methods of warfare to inflict physical or economical harm on a countries population or property.
One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.

Isn't it odd how America won their indepence using "gorrilla" tactics yet when other counties do the same it's called "terrorism"?

Hey! They're not fighting fair! Damn terrorists. Come out and line up so we can actually hit you back. Waaaaaaa!
by TraderVix January 06, 2004
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Fucking assholes who are so damn stupid they think that by blowing yourself up you'll go to heaven.
As with every religion, they have warped the Korans message. People don't know how fucking lucky they are to live in a country where they have rights, freedom, and government protection. The Taliban won't stop at anything to try and kill you, supposedly their some sort of holy order of terrorists. You know what, I just fucking hate the taliban, muslims, gihad, or whatever else that lives over there. Who gives a shit about the Middle East, it fucking blows! What's over there? There's sand and bombs and crazy assholes. It should be made into a glass crater!
Fuck the Taliban!
Fuck terrorists!

Thank you.
Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists Terrorists
by g1991v August 24, 2007
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Ameica's motive to do anything they like.
Were gonna invade Iraq cause thats were the terrorists are!- George W. Bush
by meraged July 25, 2010
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A person of any race or nationality that:
-uses the fear and/or death of civilians for political gain.
-is too immature and selfish to try and make a positive impact on society.
-uses their religion/background/ethnicity as an excuse to justify their blind hate
-is coerced into thinking it is ok to hurt others to get what they want
-beheads civilians when their fellow terrorists are fed and provided with a mat to pray on,a kuran, and food and drink
-fights the public because they are too cowardly to fight the government they wish to change
1. If we terrorists hijack this bus full of civilians who don't even know we exist we can get our way when the government decides to do xyz.
2. Hi, I am a terrorist and I don't care how anyone else feels so I am going to use violence against people who have no idea what I'm fighting for so I can get my way.
3. Hello, I am a (KKK member, muslim extremist, intolerant bastard) and because of this I am entitled to maim/ rape/ murder/ behead/ lynch/ burn/ torture whomever I wish
4. Howdy, Hackmir al' Wypeshisbutt said we should hate Americans (even though the only reason we are able to sustain ourselves is because of the food they send us) so therefore anyone of that nationality (no matter their view or background) must die and be cleansed from the earth (and let us starve to death because the only thing we have to eat is sand.
5. Hello I am a terrorist. My buddy Al Goah Fuqamysef is being held in an American prison for an indefinite amount of time while being fed, given a quran, and a mat to pray on. Because I don't like the fact that my terrorist friend must be interrogated I am going to capture some random people who are entirely neutral and behead them and send tapes to the families.
6. Hi I'm a terrorist and I am too cowardly to fight a foreign military (even though we fight like "lions and tigers and bears oh my") so therefore I am going to make a bomb and blow up people WHO DONT GIVE A FUCKING SHIT whether some foreign fucks want an extra .02 km in their border
7. Hello I provide money and safe harbor to people who intentionally kill innocents on a daily basis... but I'm not a terrorist nation....
by Jonathan12345 September 12, 2006
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One word.... PETA(People for the ethical treatment of animals) .
Terrorist 1: Dude that peta member just blew up a slaughterhouse!

Terrorist 2: AWESOME!!!
by Logan033 June 16, 2008
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Someone who embarrasses or exposes the government. See Julian Assange
Oh hey Tom did you ever leak those secret documents.

Yeah, but now Joe Biden is calling me a terrorist!
by isJohnny December 20, 2010
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