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A slang word for a person who constantly steals candy from schools. Often known to be stupid, to have delayed reactions, and to have slurred speech. They are usually associated with an organization called NWC. Often found with Ahmeds, Mohameds, more Mahads and Libans.
Did you see that? That mahad just stole a chocolate bar!
#mahad #dark #nwc #stealing #mohad
by Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed October 13, 2006
Nice Kid, usually quiet, smart and does good for his community

A Name used for Somali boys, and Japanese Boys
Mohammed: Did you see Mahad?
Ahmed: Oh yes, hes doing wonders with his life

Lisa: Mahad is the worst Yu-gi-oh card ever
Sandra: Not to mention that Mahad in the anime is pretty lame
#mahad #somali #anime #name #japanese
by PBJellyTime November 01, 2009
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