1. an american man who drove a car into the World trade center back in the 90's for the first time.

2. an americam man who drove into the pentagon for the first time.

3. an american man who first drove into the capital building in D.C.

4. luke helder- an american pipe bomber.

5. KKK- The most violent and notorious domestic terrorist group of the 1980s.

6.Dwight Ware Watson- an american tobacco farmer from Whitakers, North Carolina, who brought much of Washington, DC to a standstill for two days when he drove a tractor into a pond on the National Mall and claimed to have explosives.
Tim:I wonder why american terrorists are never put into the media.

Bob: maybe because americans have a reputation to keep up and they are narcissistic so they aim for vulnerable religions, which the Americans know they mean no harm.

Tim: so why do middle easterners bomb so much?

Bob: because we bomb them.

Newton: "for every reaction there is an equal and opposite re-action"
by [Capt. Skeet Skeet] April 19, 2006
An individual engaged in terrorism.
The FBI is pursuing leads on suspected terrorists.
by T.D. January 20, 2003
Someone who does bad stuff.
America considers you a terrorist if you:
-Are from the Middle East
-Disagree with foreign policy
-Oppose the war
-Don't fly a flag
-Don't own a flag to fly
-Fly a different flag
-Speak a language other than English
by Implode September 14, 2007
A percieved enemy to a country or countries pollitical and/or economical power that uses "unconvential" methods of warfare to inflict physical or economical harm on a countries population or property.
One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.

Isn't it odd how America won their indepence using "gorrilla" tactics yet when other counties do the same it's called "terrorism"?

Hey! They're not fighting fair! Damn terrorists. Come out and line up so we can actually hit you back. Waaaaaaa!
by TraderVix January 06, 2004
A word that most uneducated Westerners use to describe:
1. a man of Arab descent
2. a woman wearing a veil
3. any non-Westerner with a beard who seems a bit sketchy

Dick: 'Hey Bob, check out that Ay-rab lookin' fellow over there. He's wearin' a funny dress type sorta thing and has a beard. Ya reckon he's one of them Oh-sama Bin Laden-type people who bombed them towers?'

Bob: 'No, Dick, that's Juan, the gardener wearing a stylish garment made of linen. He told me yesterday that he has lost his razor. I doubt he's a terrorist. Come on, I'll watch you get drunk and beat up your cousin/wife.'
by xxsakicksassxx April 09, 2007
...there are two kinds of them

1. The normal one, doing his/her duties of terrorism

2.The one always saying "ALLAHU AKBAR!"
1. Ah shit, why the hell do terrorists exist? Just causing trouble....

2. Terrorist 1 -Goddamnit Abdul! Can you do something else besides saying "Allahu akbar!?!" I know god is great bu....

Terrorist 2 - Allahu akbar.

Terrorist 1 - SON OF A....
by The faec ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) September 25, 2015
A concept invented by George W. Bush, supposed to mean “Osama Bin Laden” But it actually means “George Bush”.
1. Hey, you hear about the attack?
2. Nah dude, that never happened. The terrorists who rule America made that up
1. Oh. So I shouldn’t have given the American Government my home address?
2. Yep.
2. Yu there?
2. ;(
by ShnabratCheeseEater May 26, 2014

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