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A skank and/or a slut. Also another word for hoodrat.
Brit is a hoodwrap because she dates other guys behind her boyfriend's back and drags them into her bedroom and dumps them for another guy the next day.
by al833zy April 10, 2011
Pointing Fingers At yoU Laughing

This means that something is so funny, you'd be pointing at them laughing. However, you can use this term to depict something that is funny, without the pointing fingers part. So if you wanted to use it instead of the very commonly-used "Lol", then go ahead and do it!
I saw this facebook picture of Andrew's Halloween costume and it looked so funny, so I typed him a comment which said, "PFAUL".
by Al833zy July 17, 2010
A fat person who gets in your way and is so fat that you can't get around him/her.
1. Damn it! That Kevin's 340-pound body is obstructing my path in the junk food aisle, I can't even squeeze past that fatass roadblock without abandoning my shopping cart!

2. One of my store managers, Johnathan, was trying to get into the receiving part of the store and he tried to push past the carts, dollies, and pallet jacks that were in his way, complaining, "Man it's like a ROADBLOCK here!!!"
by al833zy October 09, 2011
The computer game characters that we all have pleasure gunning down and killing with SMGs, handguns, pistols, machine guns, rifles, snipers, knives and grenades while playing the famous computer game Counter-Strike!
I spent 24 hours straight killing terrorists with my automatic M4 rifle while playing Counter-Strike on my computer and it was hella fun and funny!!!!!
by al833zy March 14, 2011

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