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Four uh... things that live in Teletubbyland, a beautiful astro-turf consisting of green trees, gossipy flowers, and large, brown rabbits. The four teletubbies' names are Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po. They all live in futuristic domehouse with a vacuum cleaner named Noo-Noo, and all of the tubby custard and tubby toast they could ever want.

Tinky-Winky: Tinky-Winky is a male teletubby and is purple in color. He is the largest of all of them. He has an upside-down triangle antenna on his head and carries around a cute little red clutch purse. Tinky-Winky may or may not be homosexual. His song goes 'Tinkle Winkle, Tinky-Winky, Woo woo woo woo woo...'

Dipsy: Dipsy is a male teletubby and is lime green in color. He is second largest of them all. His antenna is straight (like a dipstick... get it?) and he normally wears a rad cow-spotted top hat. He hates cute shit. His song goes 'bum tre bum bum tre bum'

Laa-Laa: Laa-Laa is a female teletubby and is yellow in color. She is second smallest of them all. Her antenna is curly and plays with an orange ball she has absolutely no control over. She is a total girly-girl and a total chatter box. She is always giggling and never sad. Her song goes 'la la la la la la la la'

Po: Po is a female teletubby and is red in color. She is smallest of them all. Her antenna is a circle and likes taking ride on a scooter. Po is shy and may or may not be a communist. Her song goes 'po po po po po po po'

Noo-Noo: Noo-Noo is a genderless vacuum cleaner with a mind of its own. Noo-Noo is normally found in the tubby's house cleaning up after them.

The Sun: The sun is just that... a sun. The only catch? The sun has a baby's face! The baby sun likes to look down on the teletubbies and laugh at them.
Teletubbies are the most fucked up Children's show TV characters ever.
by Gwen Stefani Grrl June 20, 2004
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Baby gorillas, whom, because of their small and morbidly obese build, became perfect subjects for a top secret experiment dubbed, "teletubbies".

Kidnapped from their native habitat, they were strapped down hooting and screaming onto operation tables. Their stomachs were removed and replaced with a crude malfunctioning television set, which recieved its signals from a implanted attenna on the top of its head. Because the attenna's reciever must be outside of the body, a hole is drilled through the baby gorilla's brain, making a pathway to stick the electrical equipment through. Unfortunately, this only resulted in having the entire cast of teletubbies having the combined intelligence of tupperware.

To feed the disillusioned apes, a special diet consisting of purified ethanol (tubby toast), and lead paint oatmeal (tubby custard) to keep the seditious thoughts of the infants surpressed. A fake sun watches over them with a ensuringly peaceful baby's face on it to keep the tubbies close to their safety dome. When a tubby escapes, the sun makes a blood-curdling cry, calling upon the dome janitor, a robot vacuum cleaner named "snoo snoo" to hunt down and kill the escapee by devouring it with it's mighty vacuum, grinding the hapless tubby and using it's remains as fertilizer for the vast lush gardens surrounding the dome.

Occasionally when the time is just right, the tubbies may be able to recieve radio waves with their broken attennas, allowing them to eavesdrop on their human overseers, yet baffled by the simplest tasks we can do, such as showering or cooking an egg.
"Once upon a time in teletubby land, teletubbies... come to play!"
by Chang Tan September 01, 2004
Homosexual propaganda aimed at babies on LSD.
It's a very insidious show!
by Dr.Who November 01, 2004
the gay version of ninja turtles
teletubbies eat plastic pancakes with faces on it for every meal
by i rock August 16, 2003
Absolute communist propaganda. I cant believe this show is still on the air.
Okay, look at it this way. There is 4 colors of teletubbies Yellow, Red, Purple and Green, all 4 of these symbolizes the 4 tenants of communism.

The sun (which has a babies face) is the "big brother" or communist leader that watches over their every actions, the teletubbies just playfully go along their merry way, not noticing the suns evil intent.

This show is brainwashing kids everywhere. We must stand together!
by Not Zane October 16, 2004
An acid trip for small children.
Lets go watch the pretty colors on TELETUBBIES!!!
by w00tster February 06, 2005
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