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Four brightly colored asexual creatures from the mythical land of tubbyland. Tubbyland is a wonderful and most beautiful land full of hills, rich green grass, flowers, an overpopulation of rabbits, and a sun with all the common characteristics of an infant. All of the teletubbies have what appear to be television screens on their bellies. They pick up transmitions from ethnic children from everywhere around the U.S., and they all have beer bellies, hence the name, "teletubbies". This show is best watched under the influence of marajuanna.

Tinky winky = The gender confused purple teletubby that is apparently the only post-pubesent teletubby . He sports a bright red purse and is quite the leader of the pack. He has an upside-down triangle on top of his head.

Dipsy = He is the second largest one, and green male of the group. He owns a rather pimp cowskin top hat, and his head-antenna thingy resemblesthat of an erect penis.

Laa-Laa = pronounced loh-loh as in the "o" sound in the word long is the largest female of them all and has a curly deal on her head. She is yellow, with a huge rubber ball that tends to entertain the group to a slobbery stupor until they are all fascinated by the physics of its spherical splendor.

Po = The short red one with the circle on her head. she often sounds as if she were high on helium. She owns 3-wheel scooter capable of speeds of 25 MPH or higher. It gets around 3 miles to the gallon, and has around 1 1/2 horsepower.

The noo-noo = The teletubbies enjoy consuming burnt toast and what looks like pink intestinal fluids called tubby custard. They then proceed to throw the pink goo on the floor along with the toast, as if it were an accident. Thats when the noo-noo comes in. The noo-noo is a vacuum cleaner that looks like snuffalupagus from sesame street. It proceeds to suck up all the rectal discharge that they call food, and the teletubbies scold and yell "bad noo-noo" repeatedly until it rolls on back to its hole in the wall.
Dude! did you catch the new episode of the teletubbies last night? It was the shit! dipsy knocked up po and tinky winky came out in front of laa-laa! aww DAMN it was a real twist.
by ashitoys March 28, 2007
The greatest insult. one who is both a butt and an ass, so it is twice the insult as if it were just butt, or ass.
Adam is such a buttass, he shat all over my toilet seat and didn't clean it up afterwards
by ashitoys March 28, 2007
Red Teletubbie .The only teletubbie that isn't female or gender confused. unlike tinky-winky, (the other male tubbie), it does not own a purse. he instead owns a scooter, capable of speeds of a whooping 6 miles an hour.
Dude, Po is being such a pompus ass running around with that expensive scooter, and we're stuck with these shit toys.
by ashitoys March 28, 2007
A rather hefty middle aged male with short, fat, rather chode-like fingers, and can play the shit out of a guitar. Member of Slayer.
KFK shat himself onstage the other day at ozzfest
by ashitoys March 29, 2007

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