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one of the two foods (along with tubby toast) eaten by the Teletubbies.
"Hey Dipsy, gimme some of that tubby custard before I kick your face."
#teletubby #tubby #custard #toast #joy
by Juan Ricardo Benitez III September 22, 2008
A pink diarrhea like substance that is ate by the teletubbies along with tubby toast.
Po make me some tubby custard before I pimp slap your hoe ass.
#teletubbie #tubby #custard #penis #toast
by TheMinor_69er May 21, 2009
when you do a fat chick then jizz in her rolls
Dude, I tubby custard your mom last night.

Melissa let Jake tubby custard her.

Give that chick some tubby custard.
#ipod touch #procraterbating #tubby custard #left hand #docking
by WowUDidThatToHer? April 15, 2010
A word Kevin invented that can be used as a fill in the blank for any phrase. It generally can make anything sexual and hilarious.

Caution: Do not use word unless accepting possibility of use over and over again with your friends until four in the morning.
"I'm going to tubby custard all over your chest"

"I'm full of tubby custard"

"I have to tubby custard"
#tubby #tuby #tubby custard #tuby custard #tubby custurd #custard
by hellza joey July 05, 2006
a fat person, usually very jiggly and rotund
"Man, look at that tubby custard over there. He mus weigh 400+!"
#tubby custard #fat #chunky #fatty #lard ass
by BDon11 December 03, 2008
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