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An acid trip for small children.
Lets go watch the pretty colors on TELETUBBIES!!!
by w00tster February 06, 2005
Go; the action of going.
I have to gizzo.
by W00tster January 03, 2003
A stump left after an amputation, often half of a finger.
Originated by some random teenagers with nothing better to do.
*holds up hand* OMG! look at my yib!
by w00tster January 02, 2005
A word one says when one's nose is pressed by anyone except theirself. Everyone has one, some have not uncovered it yet. It never changes. Once your noseword has been determined, it never changes. Try it on your friends; press their nose until they say something. That is forever their noseword.
<Maddie>HEY, let's all press each other's noses!
<all> sure, and we'll say our nosewords!
*spontaneous nosepressing*
<Maddie> MEEP
<Mallory> BAGEL
<Drew> FUCK
<Harry> AAAH!
<Hannah> BRAINS!

wow, that sure was some good nosewording.
by w00tster May 06, 2005
Snow, formed to make a ball.
let's have a SNOWBALL FIGHT.
by w00tster June 02, 2005
Imitation Coca-cola that has no sugar in it. Tastes okay, but is absolutely filled to the freaking brim with all sorts of chemicals that cause CANCER. (i.e. saccharin, aspartame) I swear, the entire diet coke generation is going to DIE when they are 40 years old of cancer.
Oh, you WANT cancer? Here, have a diet coke.

mmm..... cancer.
by w00tster January 05, 2005
A Grammar Nazi is often either
1. A teacher, most commonly an English teacher, who will give a student an F on his/her paper because they used "they're" instead of "their" or "to" instead of "too".
2. A blogger who feels the need to go to as many sites as possible to correct their grammar or spelling.

Despite popular belief, the world does need a few grammar nazis, if you would beleive that.
1. {student}an F??
{teacher}your ideas were okay, but an apostrophe there? you must be crazy.

2. OMG, w00tster is a complete grammar nazi!
by w00tster May 15, 2005

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