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One pledged to entire abstinence from all intoxicating drinks.
Matt Dziki And all of his friends are sure not teetortalers, haha get drunk mutha fucka!!
by Tortuga July 08, 2004
Someone who abstains from drinking alcohol
Do u prefer wines, spirits, beers or are you a tee totaler?
by Ben is my name June 20, 2008
Someone who totally drinks tea.
Hey bro want a Maté?
Totally, because I'm a teetotaler.
Relax have a beer!
by Amy West February 08, 2013
Teetotaler is from tee (the letter t, as in total) + total + -er.
You mentioned that magazine on our walk to Soho, the first time we met, when you were attempting to be a teetotaler.
by fishy December 08, 2005

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