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v. - 1. to leave someone behind; to lay your missfortune on some one else
v. - 2. to steal or damage someones property in an act to cause them enbarasment, discomfort or dispair.
They totaly vended Tony, even his gloves were soaked!
by Fishy May 05, 2003
Some one you have on your contact list only for the sake of having one more person show up to a party, or other gathering; Someone who contributes nothing more than sheer quantity to the party. They are usually dependable and never miss a party.
Rachel is a stock character for everything, she hasn't missed a party for years!
by Fishy May 05, 2003
A gay queer.
Look at me! I'm such a darkmagician1d!
by fishy November 29, 2003
A state of being extreamly skillful; to be the best at the time.
He was rowdy that game, he owed the whole team by him self.
by Fishy May 05, 2003
Teetotaler is from tee (the letter t, as in total) + total + -er.
You mentioned that magazine on our walk to Soho, the first time we met, when you were attempting to be a teetotaler.
by fishy December 08, 2005

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