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One pledged to entire abstinence from all intoxicating drinks.
Matt Dziki And all of his friends are sure not teetortalers, haha get drunk mutha fucka!!
by Tortuga July 08, 2004
The act of eating a females crabs right off of her vaginal area doing her a favor..
"Wow, bill mcgowan is good at taking the crabs right off of me!"
by Tortuga July 01, 2004
a place full of mean kids with a high school which enjoys horrible faculty. these people can will and want to charge you for a parking permit, and then will boot you for parking, while displaying the permit. these people are dousches. the faculty also enjoys harassing its students by putting up a fence around the entire school, and inviting nazis into it.
there is about a 20% of the population of edina high school who arent douschy... so about one of every 5 people can be your friend. but stay away from the asains. they are trouble
edina bitch coming through!
(someone else thinks to themself: lets go key her lexus)
yep, thats pretty much how it goes down.
by tortuga March 28, 2005
Mothers Id Like Fuckin' you retard
Andy Halls mom is a damn good MILF, id nail her any day.
by Tortuga July 01, 2004

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