Somebody who is obssessed with a famous person, because of their looks and not the talent. They usually type in upper and lower case letter alternately and over-exaggerate punctuatuation. They are also too lazy to write in proper English and are usually Chav-ettes.
"LyK OmFgZzZ UsHeR Iz GoN mArrY ME IniT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!112344^%878 So KeEp UR DuRtY HaNdz Of gUrLz!£U£*"

"ItZ ClLEd TXT TLK!!""£ MiNga!"
by Me March 11, 2005
An Abercrombie wearing (usually slut-like) Teenage girl ( or guy), who only know the lead singer Who likes a band only...

A. AFTER MTV declared them as " HaWt"
B. The Lead linger is " HaWt"

XGrEeNDaYLuVrX: OmFg! I BoUgHt AmErIcAn IdIoT ToDaY!!
iiRaWk x3: ii luv them!
XGrEeNDaYLuVrX: Me 2! BiLlY JoE Is So HaWt
iiRaWk x3: OmFg! ii know!
iiRaWk x3: ii Thiink iits a guiitar brand! OMG! iim so going to play guiitar, and RaWk, and be KeWl!
XGrEeNDaYLuVrX: i FoRgoT To TeLl YoU! ii Went to Fall Out Boy and MOSHED! How Kewl?!!!!!
iiRaWk x3: They were iin the TrL MtV CoUnTDoWn ToDaY! I LuVeR ThEm!

Teenie bands include: Greenday ( Unless they know teh ONLY stuff), Good Charlotte, Simple plan, FALL OUT BOY, PANIC! At the disco, Hello Goodbye, etc...
by TeEnIes= Ew February 18, 2006
They get more attention from the bands..True...But it's negative...

Most bands hate teenies because the teenies only like the bands, and most bands only wanna be noticed for their music not their good looks.
"Did you hear that girl yell out 'Marry Me Gerald!' during MCR's set? She's such a teenie. It's girl like that give girls like me a bad name amongst the scene"
by Your_Worst_Nightmare_Bitch August 01, 2005
1. Term used to describe a teenaged girl who claims to be a bands number one fan but only knows a maximum of 4 songs. Tends to only like the band because they find the frontman to be good looking and hates the frontman's wife/girlfriend. Might send death threats to said wife or girlfriend. Stereotyped to type with unreadable lingo,exclamation points becoming ones,bad spelling,and lower case to caps letters (e.g.: LyKEE OMGGg!!!11 BILLy jO ArSTRong IzzzZ SOOOO HaWt!!!113212325)

2.What fans of a band like Green Day call people who gush over one of the members to make themselves and their insecureties feel better.
1. "OMGGGG!!1 I LovE GooDDd ChARlOttE!!!1 ThEY R My fAAavorITE BAndD!!! JoEL izz SExxI!!!"
(when asked what their favorite song is)

2. "You think he's hot? WHO CARES? Its about the music! You're such a teenie! Not a real fan like I am!"
by Reto December 10, 2005
A person, especially a girl, who gets undeserved attention from a band they 'like' only because of the members' looks. They usually dont even know more than 3 songs from the band's album.
That girl over there is such a teenie. She cant even spell the band's name.
by Maybell1ne October 10, 2005
Someone who only likes a band beause they think one or more of the members is good-looking. These are very unpopular among hardcore fans.
"Wow, Billy from Good Charlotte is sooooo fit!"
"Ugh, you teenie!"
by Ami July 17, 2003
Some one who likes a band/actor etc only because they are good looking. They are hated by all grungers and townies and in my opinion are wannabe grungers.
I love Mest because Tony is soo cute, i have never listened 2 one of their songs before but i dont care!
by Amy/punk princess/NANG! December 29, 2003

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