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Small woodland creature, native to Monikie and surrounding area.

Will occasionally venture into nearby towns and cities, but not for long.

Elflike, with such a sweet ass.
Where the fuck is that whiney little slag wabba then?
by wadie July 30, 2003
noun - Wabbas are a group of species that mostly resemble green ducks.
Bob: Look at that strange green duck!
Mike: No, that is a wabba!
by Can Not March 14, 2005
This is Bryant University slang for gay, or intailing that you would like to participate in male on male felacio.
Are you Wabba? yes I am gay!
He gives great Wabba!
by Take No Prizonaz October 11, 2007
a wAbbA is a kid with a messed up hair style who belongs to the organization of the wAbbA which is a GIANT group of friends who are wAbbAs. there is no real definition of what a wAbbA is, bcuz wAbbA dont really care what they are.
i can always count on my wicked wAbbAs of the west..side
by ariya March 07, 2005

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