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The band which frontman Trent Reznor reinvented the industrial genre with.
Trent Reznor has got to be the most talented, good-looking 40-year old ever. Nine Inch Nails is proof, piggies.
by Maybell1ne October 10, 2005
The ubersexy frontwoman for the New York band Morningwood. Also the best dancer ever (next to Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle).

Also contributes to Alternative Press magazine.
Holy fuck, have you seen the Jetsetter music video? Chantal Claret is fucking gorgeous.
by Maybell1ne August 20, 2006
The best marketing ploy ever.
The Presence at the end of "My Violent Heart?" Secret messages in band merch? Flash drives in Portugese bathrooms with Year Zero leaks? Trent Reznor is a fucking genius!
by maybell1ne February 17, 2007
It's a type of chocolate, you moron.
Rolo chocolate cones = the shit.
by maybell1ne July 25, 2006
A person, especially a girl, who gets undeserved attention from a band they 'like' only because of the members' looks. They usually dont even know more than 3 songs from the band's album.
That girl over there is such a teenie. She cant even spell the band's name.
by Maybell1ne October 10, 2005

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