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A teenager who doesn't appreciate the band for what they'e achieved throughout thier musical carrier. They only care about the bands Frontman's looks, about 80% of the time a teenie won't have a clue what the other members of the bands names are, they just wabba screw the lead singer!
They don't know any of the bands older songs, just their new songs. and they commonly misspell the front mans name too.
Teenies also go against the band who's front man they wanna fuck, say they like the lead singer of Green Day:
Actual Fan: What's your favourite Green Day song?
Teenie: American idiot, its like sooooooo deep
Actual fan: Mine's hitchin' a ride.
Teenie: WOW! OMG! OMG! OMG! have they come out with a new album already?! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.
Actual fan: no, shut the fuck up you teenie...creature thing...
Teenie:did you know I wanna fuck billy-jo?
Teenie: who are the other peoples...Tre ice...Mick Dirt
(now outraged) actual fan: you call your self a fan, Its TRE COOL, and MIKE DIRNT! NOW GO AND PLAY WITH YOUR PINK SHIT!!!!
by Tunny June 03, 2006
a completely, utterly stupid idea for more bling. Grillz are "bling" *diamonds worn on the teeth worn by gangsta's to try to look hot, and all that...
Grillz are a fucking waste of money, and diamonds, i mean what happens if you break one of them, then you're fucking screwed aren't ya einstine!
Gangsta: oh yeah, look ame ya see i gots tha grillz on ma teeth, i try to look cool yo!
I got no more room to fit ma bling, so why not on my fo-shizzle teeth??
by Tunny June 03, 2006
macys day parade is a song that billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day's front man) wrote about thanks giving day, how macys supported it, and now turned it into a commercial!
its on their album warning
"todays a macys day parade, the night of the living dead is on its way, with the credit report of duty calls. it's a life time guarrentee stuffed in a coffin 10% more free, red light specials at the mussolium, whats the concelation pirze? economy sized dreams of hope
etc etc etc
by Tunny June 03, 2006

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