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1. Term used to describe a teenaged girl who claims to be a bands number one fan but only knows a maximum of 4 songs. Tends to only like the band because they find the frontman to be good looking and hates the frontman's wife/girlfriend. Might send death threats to said wife or girlfriend. Stereotyped to type with unreadable lingo,exclamation points becoming ones,bad spelling,and lower case to caps letters (e.g.: LyKEE OMGGg!!!11 BILLy jO ArSTRong IzzzZ SOOOO HaWt!!!113212325)

2.What fans of a band like Green Day call people who gush over one of the members to make themselves and their insecureties feel better.
1. "OMGGGG!!1 I LovE GooDDd ChARlOttE!!!1 ThEY R My fAAavorITE BAndD!!! JoEL izz SExxI!!!"
(when asked what their favorite song is)

2. "You think he's hot? WHO CARES? Its about the music! You're such a teenie! Not a real fan like I am!"
by Reto December 10, 2005

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