describes a person that is a complete fagget/homo. they love mac & cheese, fall asleep on the weekends before 10pm, get nugg hits blown in their face, has an extreamly ugly fuckin mom and has sleepovers with younger guys where they talk about gay shit. At parties you can identify the teebs because they will be the ones pissin on the floor, booting face after 12 shots and calling hot girls begging to let him fuck them. being called a teebs is a great insult and many have known to strike back after being called one. to get rid of a teebs you must kill them, once you are a teebs there is no going back
Eric T of Vermont. Jordan Y of Vermont, Kylie in Penn and those homo fagget fake acid sellers are all examples of teebs
by Brandon Morel December 04, 2006
Top Definition
An IM term meaning To be honest. Often used in a sarcastic manner.
You gay?
No, but most people think I am teebs.
by Rivostevo May 20, 2008
To be honest/To be fair.

"teeb" is to "tbh" or "to be honest", like "ceeb" is to "cba" or "can't be arsed"

He: Teeb you look really gay today.
by Massceeber March 31, 2008
Slang for "total bummer" or "TB". Something that is roundly regarded as being a bummer or something that bums you out in full.
My job is a teeb, or, that sashimi really teebed me out. Lady Gaga is a teeb.
by Woglom November 12, 2010
slang for 'to be fair' or 'to be honest'
yeah, my scary face was pure lols teebs
by buslurklover July 08, 2010
That person in the group to whom whenever they speak all you can think is..."Why would you ever?"
teebs- HI!

you- why would you ever?
by lwhgalrgbalrwignaw October 12, 2010
Teeb is a adjective that describes any noun in a positive manor.
"I had a really teeb time at the party"
by max keydro December 13, 2005
Abbreviated form of teabag, or the act of dipping one's ball sack into another's mouth. Similar to beej (blowjob), heej (handjob), and reej (rimjob).
I can still taste that $5 teeb.
by Jawnny Get Angry July 17, 2009
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