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An IM term meaning To be honest. Often used in a sarcastic manner.
You gay?
No, but most people think I am teebs.
by Rivostevo May 20, 2008
44 20
To be honest/To be fair.

"teeb" is to "tbh" or "to be honest", like "ceeb" is to "cba" or "can't be arsed"

He: Teeb you look really gay today.
by Massceeber March 31, 2008
25 16
Slang for "total bummer" or "TB". Something that is roundly regarded as being a bummer or something that bums you out in full.
My job is a teeb, or, that sashimi really teebed me out. Lady Gaga is a teeb.
by Woglom November 12, 2010
6 2
slang for 'to be fair' or 'to be honest'
yeah, my scary face was pure lols teebs
by buslurklover July 08, 2010
6 8
That person in the group to whom whenever they speak all you can think is..."Why would you ever?"
teebs- HI!

you- why would you ever?
by lwhgalrgbalrwignaw October 12, 2010
6 13
Abbreviated form of teabag, or the act of dipping one's ball sack into another's mouth. Similar to beej (blowjob), heej (handjob), and reej (rimjob).
I can still taste that $5 teeb.
by Jawnny Get Angry July 17, 2009
5 14
Teeb is a adjective that describes any noun in a positive manor.
"I had a really teeb time at the party"
by max keydro December 13, 2005
17 26